3 Tips To Buy A Vintage Watch Online


If you are a vintage lover like me, you realised how old things or vintage pieces are increasingly popular in today’s world and so as the price of vintages pieces are spiking whether it’s clothing or jewelries. So we need to be very careful when it comes to buying vintage pieces. Although there aren’t many land-based stores that sell them, there are plenty of respectable online sellers. If you have decided it’s time to treat yourself a vintage watch, Here are some tips to buy your vintage watch online.

  1. The Condition

When it comes to looking through a selection of vintage watches in good quality online, there are plenty of dealers that you can trust. Making sure of the watch’s condition may seem obvious, but it is important. So, aim to buy the best and most original watch you can afford.

Originality is the key element of a vintage watch’s condition. Make sure that the online seller offers several clear images of the watch from different angles.

Once you have identified the watch that you want, take your time to research the model so as to make an informed decision in terms of condition and authenticity. Try to get the most clear picture of what a correct and authentic example of your desired watch ought to look like. It takes time and dedication, but you do need to be armed with knowledge before making a purchase.

Once you’ve done all your homework, check out the seller’s photos. No matter what kind of pictures the listing may have, you need to look at each one closely. If you can, put the pictures up on a desktop computer screen to examine carefully. Make to check on every smaller detail, this way you could just save you a lot of hassle having to return something because you missed a defect looking at the pictures on the screen.

You should also ask to see a picture of the case back. You should try to see the movement to determine whether or not there is any oxidation or discoloration. If you do see that, stay away.

If the listing seems to be lacking, email the seller for more images, he or she will be happy to add the requested photos. If not, take it as a red flag that there is something wrong with the watch.

  1. Read that Fine Print

Once you’ve look at the images and like what you see, read the detailed description. Be wary of overly words, lengthy descriptions. Sellers tend to write too much or only include a few details could be a red flag. If the description is missing any information that you need, contact the seller. Ask questions like whether or not there are any areas of discolouration, stains or marks.

Also, remember to carefully read any fine print. You never know what details are hidden there, such as not accepting PayPal or additional restocking fees.

  1. The Seller

Finally, look into the seller. It’s important to ensure you are buying a vintage watch from a reputable online seller. Look for reviews online, see what else he or she is selling and make sure the entire deal is legitimate.

Have you bought any item very expensive thinking it’s vintage but turn out to be some cheap/fake items?? Share us your experiences below in the comment and advice any important tips to follow before buying an vintage piece.

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