“Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Ashon Rungsung-Stanecka and I currently live in London with the love of my life, Lukasz. ASHONFASHIONARY was started to share with the world my fashion finds, vintage favorites and personal style that is constantly evolving and growing. Being brought up in a small village, all I knew about fashion was mix & matching clothes and creating the style that made me feel comfortable and confident. As I stepped out of my village to explore the world, my horizons broadened and I got exposed to the works of great stylists like Leandra Medine@Man Repeller, Anna Dello Russo @annadellorusso, Margaret Zhang@ Magaret Zhang and so on… who are my inspiration. With Ashonfashionary, I want to inspire you to find your true essence and adorn that glamorously, confidently and creatively. It is possible to look stylish and turn heads on a shoestring budget. Mix and matching branded pieces with non-label items is my forte. I also use accessories very creatively to accentuate a look. All of that and more awaits you here. I am waiting to get to know you and would like to extend you the warmest welcome on Ashonfashionary. Let’s keep it chic, let’s keep it stylish.

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Love Ashon



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