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Hi Lovelies, hope you guys had a wonderful week! Here I’m kinda desperate to get back at least the not-so-perfect summer body. It’s embarrassing but to be honest, I took advantage of winter’s oversized coat and layering style way too far that I completely forgot that Summer comes after winter 🙂 and now my body is not summer ready at all while my mind is 100% prepared. If anyone shares the same feeling, join the club and let’s work it out.

Well but the good news is that it’s not too late yet to start working out. It’s always a good idea to find the right kind of fitness outfit that will inspire or motivate you to begin with. If you have a busy schedule life like me, that you need to run a few quick errands before or after the gym, we should consider following the athleisure trend. Don’t let our sweaty tight gym-wear stop us from being productive. So, here I run down a few of my favourite athleisure wishlist from, they have proved that not all workout outfits are boring.

With just a few basic additions to your daily workout wear, you can walk-out the gym looking like a million dollars baby with little to-no-effort. I’ve given the direct link of my athleisure wishlist items in-case you would like to see the details of the product and buy. I like their women’s tracksuits even more, because these pieces can be worn not only for the work-out/gym, but they can be used as our day-today outfits, I mean how cool is that? These are a few of my favourites, but you should visit  women’s tracksuits for different sporty chic outfits.






Thank you for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoy it. How you guys gearing up for the summer? Don’t forget to share us your tips and your favourite athleisure outfits under the comment section!

Love Ashon

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  1. My fav is the cropped lace up hoodie beige <3

    Mlle Perrier 16 April 2017
  2. Loving everything!
    Great choices 🙂


    Federica Di Nardo 16 April 2017
  3. Nice and comfortable. I’d like to see a post with some comfortable shoes though too – I’m looking for travel fashion ideas – and I need shoes that I can walk in all day.

    The Yum List 17 April 2017
  4. Great post, I very like it 🙂 fantastic combinations 🙂

    new post

    ilijacfashion 17 April 2017
  5. So COOL! Love everything about this post my dearest :)))
    Much love, Hadasah

  6. Such a great edit hun! xx

    Dominique 17 April 2017
  7. The lace up joggers look so comfy!

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

    Kati 18 April 2017
  8. Such looks are totally my taste!
    xx Rena

    Rena 18 April 2017
  9. perfect comfertable wishlist just like there outfits…loveing black one

    Mahi 19 April 2017
  10. I remember seeing your post on instagram and I absolutely love that green crop top – the sheer sleeves are so cool!

    District of Chic

    districtofchic 20 April 2017
  11. Beautiful selection! Kisses 🙂

    Maray 21 April 2017
  12. Great selection, love this style.
    There will be a similar oufit on my next post. 🙂

    Martina 21 April 2017
  13. These outfits look so comfy! Can’t wait to wear a look like this.

    X Merel

    Merel 21 April 2017
  14. great thoses green and cool..
    keep in touch sweets

    Maisha 25 April 2017
  15. Omfg I want all these looks

    NEW POST | Instagram | Blogger Tools

    Jessica 25 April 2017
  16. I quite like the athleisure trend!

    Jeanne 2 May 2017

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