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Though, my blog focuses mostly on my personal style and and my fashion finds, today I would like to talk about something different and deeper to our personal lives, which is also an important factor to decide your sense of style.I thought, I would share to you guys because it is something which I’m going through since my childhood and fighting till today sometimes. If anyone is with me, here goes my thoughts for you all to attain that inner peace and happiness.

Whatever we do, It’s best to keep true to oneself and embrace the uniqueness. Having said that, don’t ever try to put on the clothes if that is just NOT-YOU for the sake of trends or to fit-in the society where you don’t belong. Today, there are many people who are ready to change their faith, culture and their true selves in the expense of fame, friends and society. But we shouldn’t forget that “others will respect us only when we respect ourselves”. Bringing out the best version of REAL-YOU may not be as easy as it sounds.  It takes a lot++++ of courage to embrace your true-self, when the world is judging and measuring you at every single step you take, however it’s totally worth your efforts for it’s a lifetime achievement and satisfaction that you will never get without being true to yourself.

Pretending to be someone else may help you to get the ticket of short-time fame and happiness. But remember that you are cutting down your value, uniqueness and individuality to shine through, while you are trying so hard to be someone else. You’ll end up confused and disappointed  for you won’t know how or whom to please. Don’t let the society makes your decision for you or the world defines you, which you can/should do. Let’s live life to the fullest with our highest aspirations and values by embracing our true selves.

Love Ashon


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