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Hi beauties, hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend  so far. Today I’m sharing something (not related to fashion) which I’ve discovered recently and I’m very glad about it. In today’s digital world where anyone can share their pictures in social media networks directly right after the click, often people don’t think of printing their pictures. Call me old-fashioned but I have a kind of obsession of printing pictures and putting them in frames. For me taking pictures whenever I see nice places or visit new places is fun but the real happiness is only when I managed to put them up in frames. However, the hassle going through to find the studio to print pictures and finding the right frames takes a toil sometimes. Now thanks to, they have made my life much easier.

So, when I got an email to write a review about Hellocanvas, I was like… H*** yeah! why  didn’t I know about them earlier??? Because it’s pretty straight-forward, cost+time effective and the result is amazing. All you have to do is go to their website, choose the picture you like to be framed, pick the kind of frame and just send to them, and it will be delivered to your house within a few days.

Apart from framed pictures, they offer many other services like personalised phone cases or photo on wood, etc, please check out their website for more details. Here is my picture framed beautifully with whitewashed oak made by them, which I’m so pleased with. Shamelessly I put up a huge frame of my single photo (not that I’m obsessed with myself) but there is a beautiful story (but secret :)) behind this picture which I would like to remember always. Whenever you have pretty pictures with beautiful memory it’s worth putting them in frames.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoy it!

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xoxo Ashon

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  1. What a nice frame.

    The Yum List 8 May 2017
  2. Love this idea!!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Jennifer 8 May 2017
  3. Fantastic images.
    Looking so beautiful in that photo.

    Olga Pancenko 9 May 2017
  4. miriam 9 May 2017
  5. Love this kind of post including the look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Rena 9 May 2017
  6. mahi 10 May 2017
  7. What a great service. I have so many photos which never leave my phone. It would be nice to see them hung on a wall instead xx

    Dominique 11 May 2017
  8. Wow, amazing!

    Martina 11 May 2017
  9. such a cool idea!!

    The Fashion Matters– Travel & Fashion Blog

    Hadas Aharon 12 May 2017
  10. wow thats really great

    mahi 12 May 2017
  11. Mlle Perrier 14 May 2017
  12. Thanks for the tip! I’m looking to add some framed prints to my new bathroom. So this is great inspiration.

    xx Yasmin

    Yasmin 15 May 2017
  13. Beautiful post, kisses!

    Maray 15 May 2017
  14. This is lovely! 🙂 xx

    Nevena Krstic 16 May 2017
  15. I love the picture that you chose! What a beautiful shot!

    District of Chic

    districtofchic 22 May 2017
  16. This is so cute, the photo came out lovely

    NEW POST | Instagram | Blogger Tools

    Jessica 7 June 2017
  17. Cute photo’s! <3

    X merel

    Merel van Poorten 17 June 2017

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