How To Find The Right Antique Engagement Ring

You’ve been ring shopping for a few months now, and you and your girlfriend have not loved any of the modern choices yet.  Perhaps, it’s time to look at antique engagement rings. Since they have a totally unique style, no one will have a ring like hers. Bonus: She’ll already have her Something Old for the wedding in the form of a lovely ring.  These jewellery tips will help you find a stunning antique engagement ring that she’ll wear for many years to come.

  • Know the definitions of antique and vintage engagement rings. The technical definition defines antique jewellery as pieces older than 100 years, but recently it’s become less rigid and includes pieces made before 1930, which now includes the infamous Art Deco era. You can analyse the ring’s age by looking at the style of motifs, diamond cuts, and other gemstones included.
  • Know the differences between antique rings and modern rings so you’re not shocked. It wasn’t until the 1930s that that more precise round brilliant diamond cut was created so you’re going find more rings that were hand-cut in various European cuts, which gives the diamond a higher crown and wider facets. The age of the ring and diamonds also plays into what you value. While you should always want a high-quality ring, it’s not always easy to analyse the 4 C’s on an antique piece as it becomes more about the visual appeal and the story, then checking for each flaw or sparkle.

    Image by faza_elh via Flickr

  • Find a jeweller or antique dealer that you trust such as Choose one that specializes in antique engagement and wedding rings so they’ll help you choose what pairs well, as well as which types of rings will fit within your budget. Remember some antique rings cost more because of the historical era than the actual diamond.                                                                                                                                     
  • Make sure an antique engagement ring fits in with her lifestyle. Certain rings, especially, the diamond rings from the rare Georgian era, will not work with an active lifestyle. The diamonds and gemstones from the Georgian era were often set in closed setting, complete with foil backings, and if the foil got wet, it becomes damaged.  Likewise, Edwardian diamond rings are known for their intricate detailing and filigree and Victorian rings are stronger but often feature several stones so you must use caution.
  • Choose a ring that has charm and character. Antique rings almost always come with a story, whether; it’s from a great-great grandmother or one from a specific time period. Find one that speaks to your love story.  Each era is different:  you could find colourful gemstones like sapphires set with diamonds in a European cut during the Edwardian era or a swirl band with a cluster diamond from the Victorian era which has become trendy again today.  If you want something glamorous, try an Art Deco ring, one which combines a centre diamond, intricate detailing and 10 more diamond chips to make her ring sparkle.

If you have any qualms about proposing with an antique engagement ring, don’t worry. It’s a popular trend today and many celebrities, such as Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson are donning antique engagement rings.

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  1. Great tips. Nice if you have an heirloom passed down in the family. I have my grandma’s wedding ring.

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