How to Stop Spam Comments on My WordPress Blog?

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Is it just me or you are facing the same issues?? W…T..F… is the most common words I’ve been using lately. Sorry that I needed to start my post this way. But the thing is… I’m such a pain on my ass when it comes to maintaining my blog. Since I started having my blog, I’ve been struggling however learning eventually (slowly I would say). For the last couple of months, I received more than 500 spam comments per day and I was tired removing them manually. So, I was forced to block the option to comment on my blog and stop updating new post for a while.  Luckily I’ve managed to sort it out all by myself 🙂 and I’m excited to share the good news to you guys today. It may sound silly for some people who are educated in this field, but I believe there are many fellow bloggers like me who would be very happy to find out this answer. So here it goes.

Activate Akismet Plugin: Although Akismet comes pre-installed by default in current wordpress version, it needs to activate manually. If you are not sure what is Akismet, it is an anti-spam plugin that helps you prevent spam on your website.  If it is not pre-installed to your wordpress, visit this link and follow the instructions to install and activate the plugin. I find the steps very easy to understand compared to other sites.

How to Get Akismet API Key for Free?? Once you installed Akismet plugin, you need API key in order to activate the plugin. When I was first started checking about the Akismet, I didn’t know that I can have the API Key for free, since the Akismet page doesn’t show any option or button for free sign up, very cunning right??? But the truth is we can use it for free. Sorry WORDPRESS, I’m kinda broke and I prefer to go for the free option 😀 So here it is…

Step 1: Once you installed the plugin, go to PLUGINS Column on the left-hand side of the dashboard and click activate as shown on the screenshot picture below.
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Step 2: It will take you directly to the website, where you can enter your API key manually or the option to get your API key. Click on “get your API key ” button, which will take you to Akismet Plans and Pricing.

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Step 3: You will see the different plans and prices as shown below. Go ahead with the BASIC PLAN by clicking on Get Started Button. If you have haven’t register yet, you need to sign up first.

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Step 4: Then, it will take you to the next page, where you need to enter your name/username and billing info and on the left corner side you can see the column that says “what is Akismet worth to you?”, where you can move back the slider to £0.00. After that, click continue and VIOLA you will receive your API Key via email.

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It’s that simple! I’m so relieved now that I don’t have to sit for hours in front of my laptop just to get rid of spam comments. Please feel free to write me on the comment section if you have any questions or feedback. And hey, I would love to know how you guys are dealing with spam comments.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Love Ashon

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