How to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets

How to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets, Co-ords trend, Matching Sets StreetstyleMatchy-matchy two pieces are what the sartorial world called co-ords today. Recently, they have become the best trope in fashion.  Although they were designed to be dressed together, they work equally great apart, more versatile than your cocktail dress or office suit and more practical than jumpsuits. Either you wear co-ords separately or matchy-matchy, they can be worn in many different looks and I’m just loving the co-ords trends. But how do we avoid looking like we have just stepped out from bed in pyjamas?? Because wearing matching sets can be quite tricky at times if you don’t pick up the right styles according to you body. So, here are some style tips for nailing this season co-ords trend. Read below:

How to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets, Co-ords trend, Matching Sets Streetstyle

WHAT I’M WEARING: I’m wearing zara’s co-ords, you can find here — Asymmetric Jacquard Skirt & Striped Jacquard Sweater and Kurt Geiger’s bag: SAFF HORIZ LONDON TOTE, White Sock Boots from HM (Sold Outgiven some alternatives down below. Yellow jacket from Vintage Store (find alternatives below).How to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets, Co-ords trend, Matching Sets Streetstyle

Here are some pretty co-ords I’m eyeing for Spring.How to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets, Co-ords trend, Matching Sets Streetstyle

My other favourite picks from Zara: Linen Skirt with Bow Detail & Stripe Linen Top and from ASOS Co ord Knitted SkirtHow to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets, Co-ords trend, Matching Sets StreetstyleHow to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets, Co-ords trend, Matching Sets Streetstyle

How to Style Co-ords or Matching Sets?

Chose the Right Size: Just because you are size 8, don’t simply pick up the sets that the store has displayed together. Experiment with sizes. Small size may fit you perfectly on top but size medium or x-small may fit better in bottoms depending on your body shape. Usually the co-ords can be purchased separately, so make sure you choose the perfect fit for both top and bottom.

Look for Versatility: Choose a style, colour and print carefully, so that they can be mixed and matched with your wardrobe. If the co-ords only work as matchy-matchy set, you may not get the full benefits of this trend. When buying a set, think how you would style them on their own, so it’s essential to love both pieces.

 Pick a Flattering Shape & Cut: Different styles have been designed to enhance or conceal where required to flatter one’s shape. So, ensure to chose the cut and style you would be comfortable and compliments your personality.  For instance, If you have a big bust, avoid tops with ruffles and frills because they will make you look bigger by giving extra volume to the bust area. A tailored jacket is a great idea for women with narrow shoulders to add some structure to your frame.
Here are some alternative pieces to help you create this look!Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy it and find some inspirations. If you like this, you may like my previous post as well, check it out HERE ! 

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  1. Love how you styled this look!!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Jennifer 28 February 2018
  2. What a gorgeous outfit, and it’s fabulous that you can wear each item alone too!!

    jodie filogomo 1 March 2018
  3. One of my best fashion piece is Co ord and I loving being creative with it. Love how you styled yours and the color is workable.


    Benita James 1 March 2018
  4. Very pretty ! I was just reading about how this mustard color is the rave in Europe!

    Lorena 2 March 2018
  5. You are so fashionable and I love those white boots!

    -Emily |

    Emily 2 March 2018
  6. I love your outfit 😉
    Style to Love
    Hadasah @

  7. Babe!! You look like you’re fashion week ready! So so chic! I adore this outfit and the colors!!



    Ashley 3 March 2018
  8. Amazing photos! Love this look on you, Ash! you look amazing as always!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend doll!
    Much love, Len

    Len Parent 3 March 2018
  9. Your outfit is really cool! 🙂 xx

    Nevena Krstic 4 March 2018
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  11. Loving this look on you darling, you look amazing.


    Lovely 7 March 2018
  12. That is such a beautiful colour on you 🙂 Love the whole style <3

    heather noire 8 March 2018
  13. Love how you’ve styled this outfit! Mustard yellow is so trendy now!

    Simply Lovebirds

    Kim 8 March 2018
  14. Love this stunning mustard color on you, it looks amazing!

    Mariann Yip 9 March 2018
  15. I always dig matching sets, like solid same colors. I don’t think everybody can rock it. Co-ords will really make your look level up.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    Katya 11 March 2018
  16. Very cool look 🙂

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

    Alyssa 14 March 2018
  17. Your look is amazing, I love so much this association and your boots. So stylish!


    essentiel_isabelle 14 April 2018
  18. I love the look babe !!!

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