Jumpsuits Never Out of Trend: My New LBD

The more rush you are, the more fuss you get over your wardrobe, that’s many women’s nature! and that happened to me yesterday. Had a day off from work and planned to catch up with my friends for a tea/coffee, but as usual I got up terribly late. By the time I had a shower and breakfast, I realized that I just had an hour left to dress up and to be there (our meeting place). For no reason, nothing seems right to my mood when I checked my wardrobe, and I finally pick up this jumpsuit, thanks to my my newfangled love of overalls. They offer the best in terms of comfort and fashion.Overalls are definitely the answer to all my wardrobe woes. I dare you too get one, if you don’t have already, I bet you’ll thank me later for this!!
IMG_3733 IMG_3736 IMG_3746 IMG_3750 IMG_3759
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