My Salad Day

Life ain’t fair at times, but I can’t complain about my life. The world is beautiful and life is just as perfect when you are surrounded by good and positive people. I’m blessed to have such many dear ones in my life. Today, I would like to introduce my blonde sister, who is the sweetheart of many people, beautiful inside and out, the kind of girl you just can’t afford to lose in life.
A few photo diaries for you guys from my day out to China Town,London with my gorgeous blonde sister. Have a blessed Sunday! xoxo

11655140_837149229655814_2121823932_n (2) 11657342_837149099655827_1199249330_n (3) BeFunky Collage IMG_6802 IMG_6804 (2) IMG_6922 IMG_6924 (2) IMG_6925 (2) IMG_6933 (2)



 Preparing for  Kungfu Panda 3 Premier in China Town

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