The Ultimate Guide to Necklines and How to Own Them

The Ultimate Guide to Necklines and How to Own Them

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Have you ever gone out and purchased a top, only to find that the neckline just doesn’t look right? This happens to a lot of people on a daily basis and it is something that a lot of people hate. After all, some necklines just don’t go well with any jewellery that you have and this can make it very difficult for you to accessorise. So here are a few guidelines on choosing the right necklines for you- The Ultimate Guide to Necklines and How to Own Them.

Crew Neck

The crew neck is also called a round neck. The best thing about this neckline is that it will really accent your face and it will bring out your shoulders. A crew neck is suitable for those who have a longer neck or if you have wider shoulders. They are also more suited to those who have a small to medium bust as well.  Although crew neck t-shirts are very common in white, they do come in a huge range of other colours of your choice. The crew neck isn’t demanding at all and it can easily be paired with some smaller earrings or embellishment details. The look is very classic and ideal for anyone who just wants to dress casual. and chic. If you want something similar to a crew neck then consider checking out these Joseph Ribkoff tops so you can get some inspiration.

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Boat neck

This style has a very wide neckline and it is known for passing under the collarbone. This can give you a much fuller midsection and it can also draw eyes to your shoulders. Boat necks are ideal for those who have a pear body shape and they are also great for those who have a small or medium bust. They are ideal if you have slender shoulders. Consider pairing it with a longer necklace or  with a pendant. Oversized is the way to go when you are wearing a top  or a jumper with a boat neckline and pair it with a high-waist trousers or skirt tucked-in.



This is the ideal top if you want something classic and elegant. This kind of neckline looks great to almost anyone if you choose the right outfit, whether you have smaller or wider shoulders, curvy, a pear shape or athletic. However it can be styled easier if you are taller and more slender. Make sure to choose the right size that you can easily button up around your bust line. It is great if you want to go for a more masculine style. However, it can be styled in various ways for many different occasions. You can pair them with layered necklaces and they are also ideal if you want to pair it with a statement accessory such as a locket.

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So it’s more than possible for you to find a top that meets the needs of your outfit, and when you know what body shape you are, you can easily make the best fashion decisions. Leave me a comment what is your favourite neckline and why!

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  1. I*m a huge fan of striped shirts and tops and therefore I really love your inspirations!
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