Wardrobe Retread: What to DITCH & What to RETAIN

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LET ME GUESS, If you are checking this article, chances are you have wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear, full of stuff thinking you can wear one day when you could gain weight or slim down, clothes that don’t match more than one outfit or you have no clue what clothes you owe because you stuffed everything in together and your closet becomes a mystery. With that madness, you end up buying more and more… Well, that’s the problem of many women today and many of us don’t know that we have to fix the wardrobe mess first before we shop more.chanel-classic-flap-red-velvet-bag-w724 (2)

Fixing our fashion mistake and clearing our wardrobe mess may be tough for many of us, but trust me it will gives us peace and saves our time. Cleaning your wardrobe mess will also help you to be a a better shopper, making you less likely enticed to be an impulsive buyer. So, I thought of giving out a few tips to help you start and look great everyday without mucimage1xxl (2)h fuss.

Find your Personal Style: Forget about the latest fashion trends, first you need to know your style. Find out what styles describe the best of your personality & lifestyles, whether it’s comfortable for you or not and create the image that makes you feel good.

Plan: It’s always better to set aside enough time for doing this, don’t expect to finish it in an hour. A day should be suffice to reorganize hanging and shelving space, until and unless you have a massive wardrobe. However, you may require two days if  you plan to involve any DIY like shelf hanging, adding wardrobe shelves or repainting.

Empty Your Wardrobe: Remove all your clothes from your closet and set aside out-of-season outfits to cut your work in half. You may need to sort out eventually those set-aside stuff, but at least you know now where to start and it feels great to see quick results.

Sort Your Clothes: Don’t decide just by looking at it! I suggest to try everything on in front of a full-length mirror and be very honest. If you think you cannot decide by yourself, find a a good friend who will be brutally honest to you. If any outfit no longer fits your shape, style or your look, don’t hesitate to get rid of it and give them for charity or turn them into cash if they are collectible labels or quite new, by selling them on eBay.com. Sometimes your fashion mistake outfits could be your best fMiranda-amped-up-her-classic-LBD-embellished-collar (2)riend’s dream dress, so why not plan a swap party with your friends!

Still not sure what to Ditch: Apply this simple rule – ditch those clothes that you haven’t worn at least once in two years, there is no excuse.

  • All clothes that have worn patches or shiny patches on the knees or the seat, and are beyond the mercy of the best tailor in the world.
  • All clothes that are no longer your size, either too big or too small.
  • The only exceptions you can consider is your evening wear or dateless day-to-evening dress and timeless accessories. Since, it gets worn much lesser comparing to other clothes, it can stays for longer in a good condition. Moreover, classic trends never go out of fashion forever.


Your New Wardrobe: Now, after removing all the unworn clothes, put everything back but in a proper order where you can match together. Here is a few examples of my running order, however feel free to make your order that works best for you.af1b6734-ea56-49b4-accd-ecb122bc1a71

  • Even
    ing dresses, coats or all evening wear together
  • Tops including blouses, shirts and cardigans
  • Tailored jackets (better hang with pants or skirts they go with)
  • Bottoms including skirts, jeans, pants or culottes
  • Dresses from casual to evening
Remember, this is just an example to get you started. You need to organize your wardrobe according to seasons. No one wear thick turtle neck jumpers in summer. So, put away the out-of-season clothes and reassess your wardrobe seasonally. When you have a clear understanding of your wardrobe, you will know what to invest and what not to shop.

That’s it for today, I hope you guys enjoy reading it. If you have any particular questions or tips regarding wardrobe Rehab or wardrobe basics, feel free to leave me your questions on the comment section. I would be more than happy to share my ideas.



Love Ashon xoxo

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